One must go for a trip to Lahaul – Spiti based in the Himalayan region of high-altitude in Himachal Pradesh at least once in his / her life. It is an experience for a lifetime you will cherish forever. You’ll get to visit the profuse Sangla Valley before visiting the cold deserts in the Lahaul... read more >


The Spiti Valley Home Trek is one of the most Challenging and adventurous trekking destinations in India dotted by drop-dead gorgeous landscape on all sides. The trek lies buried under stiffened snow for maximum part of the year. Hence this one of the stunning treks in the world is thronged by millions of trekkers and... read more >


A persuasive trip around Himachal is never complete without a glimpse of the famous Kinnaur and Spiti valley. Standing tall at an altitude range of 2,320-6,816 meters, Kinnaur is one of the smallest districts of Himachal Pradesh. It offers access to its rich flora & fauna and has a climate of long winters making it... read more >


Road trip from Lahaul to Spiti, to the high altitudes of Himalayan region in Himachal Pradesh is a must in the life of a traveler. It is a journey which will last long in your memory, for your lifetime. Breathtaking landscapes and divine serenity of the place are enough to get you going. .

Complete Circuit Of Kinnaur & Spiti

The Valley of Kinnaur and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh are one of, if not the best place for all travelers to visit and mingle within the local traditions and cultures of the region. Viewing the hills in all their glory is arguably the best aspect of the tour as you will be guided to any... read more >

Tarsar Marsar Trek

Miles and miles of unimpeded grasslands and woodlands of Tarsar Marsar hike will give you a possibility to spree along the striking Lidder River; relax in the vast, open greens and up-close sights of the grand Kolahoi glacier. The hike will be of moderate level and takes you to the very enthralling Tarsar Lake and... read more >

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Craving to sight heaven on the earth then come to Kashmir Great lakes Hike which is also renowned as the land of celestial loveliness. The hike will begin from the bewitching place like Sonamarg, where you will spectacle the entire range of ecological zones of Himalayas. Then the trail will take you to amidst chunky... read more >